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Cult of the Dead Cow is an original Sen'jin guild (formed February 2006) with a strong history of PvE progression and guild stability. We raid 3 times weekly (Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pm-10:30pm server time), aiming for a balance between in-game and real life progression. Please see our Public Forum for more information about us and a detailed guild history.
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Mage Mage Open
Monk Monk Open
Paladin Paladin Open
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Rogue Rogue Open
Shaman Shaman Open
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Warrior Warrior Open
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Cult of the Dead Cow of Sen'Jin
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Dethroned Mar'gok, new King.. Gamon?
01/08/2015 11:42 PM by Tzar

Congratulations Cows on clearing normal Highmaul, hopefully the butcher will feel the pointy end of our skewers!
P.S. if anyone had any better quality pictures to add just ask me for my email


Twin Ogron are dead, kill count five of seven.
12/10/2014 01:40 AM by Tzar

We were small to them, but we carry a big stick!

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Tectus is dead, kill count four of seven.
12/10/2014 01:35 AM by Tzar

Tectus is back to the ground but not before our mages said Adios!

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The Iron Horde Is Coming!
10/13/2014 10:28 AM by Madren

The Cows have faced the original WoW villains, survived the Burning Crusade, defeated the Lich King, staved off the Cataclysm, and saved Pandaria. Bring it, Iron Horde!


Congratulations Shrilla
04/28/2014 08:42 PM by Lunanox

Congratulations are in order for Shrilla. After many, many MANY times running through Firelands and working on it from relevant content until last night, he was finally able to obtain Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest.

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