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Cult of the Dead Cow is an original Sen'jin guild (formed February 2006) with a strong history of PvE progression and guild stability. We raid 2 times weekly (Tuesday and Thursday from 8pm-10:30pm server time), aiming for a balance between in-game and real life progression. Please see our Public Forum for more information about us and a detailed guild history.
Death Knight Death Knight Open
Druid Druid Open
Hunter Hunter Open
Mage Mage Open
Monk Monk Open
Paladin Paladin Open
Priest Priest Open
Rogue Rogue Open
Shaman Shaman Open
Warlock Warlock Open
Warrior Warrior Open
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Cult of the Dead Cow of Sen'Jin
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Oregorger dead (6/10)
02/13/2015 12:33 AM by Tzar

Pac-Man did not win this time!


Operator Thogar dead (5/10)
02/13/2015 12:29 AM by Tzar

Choo Choo!


Flamebender Ka'Graz dead (4/10)
02/13/2015 12:27 AM by Tzar

Burn baby, burn!


Darmac dead (3/10)
02/10/2015 05:12 PM by Tzar

No body.. No Evidence..

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Hans and Franz dead (2/10)
02/10/2015 05:09 PM by Tzar


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Gruul is dead (1/10)

01/30/2015 01:38 AM

Dethroned Mar'gok, new King.. Gamon?

01/08/2015 11:42 PM

Twin Ogron are dead, kill count five of seven.

12/10/2014 01:40 AM

Tectus is dead, kill count four of seven.

12/10/2014 01:35 AM

The Iron Horde Is Coming!

10/13/2014 10:28 AM

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