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Keepin' on Truckin'
05/20/2009 01:49 PM by Triarii.

Cult of the Dead Cow continues it's rampage through Ulduar, with a few new bosses down!

The first to go, Hodir!

Hodir gave us the cold shoulder the first few times we tried to say hi, but he eventually warmed up to us.

Next on our list, Thorim!

He seemed a bit confused when we came into his arena, but after smacking him around (and getting a few hammers thrown at us >ouch!<) we managed to bring his memory back!

Finally, Freya!

I must admit, I'm mildly jealous of that awesome hairstyle, but I just can't match that hippie love for nature she's got to back it up.


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Heroic Ulduar Boss Smack Down
05/06/2009 11:49 PM by Fitzjanus.

Bad Battle Wagon!

Slaying Dragons never gets old.

Hot Pockets? Yummy but watch out for the burn.

All he wanted was to Play.

Which one is Jack?


None yet.

10 Man Kologarn Dead
04/25/2009 01:43 AM by Triarii.

Another good week for our 10 man group, Kologarn is down!

Despite insisting that losing his right arm was "just a scratch" and "only a flesh wound" it seems the loss was, in fact, fatal. Funeral services will be held at the First Church of Ulduar on the 26th of April.


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Cult of the Dead Cow takes on Ulduar!
04/21/2009 01:59 AM by Triarii.

The cult makes a foray into Ulduar 10 and gets a few kills!

Ignis the Furnace Master took us a bit with a bad habit of smacking people he put in his pot but given time (and a gracious fix from Blizzard) the Furnace Master has been mastered!

The XT-002 Deconstructor invited us to play but wasn't so nice with the way he treated his "new toys". Favorite quote? "No no no no no!"

And finally, Razorscale took a bit of work to overcome, but with perseverance we grounded this over-sized turkey!

A great first week, now for a look to the future...


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Heroic Malygos Down
01/12/2009 03:12 PM by Starseeker.

Heroic Eye of Eternity Clear, 9 January.

With Malygos down this Sunday, we've cleared all Wrath content until the Ulduar patch some time in the next month (save Maly10 which should be cleared sometime this week). Time for some OS + drakes attempts!


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