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Guild Rules


1. NO DRAMA: Respect all players in the game, guild members and otherwise.

This should be a given. Even good people get frustrated in WoW, but you must always give people and circumstances the benefit of the doubt. While it is "only a game," remember it is played by real people.

  • While we don't expect people to get along with everyone 100% of the time, we DO expect guildies to stay respectful.
  • Guild chat and the Vent Lobby should be helpful and inviting; it should not make people feel uncomfortable (or like they need to have a shower). Please be positive!
  • Avoid extended personal conversations in guild chat - create a separate channel (in-game or vent) if you need to "shoot the breeze" or tell war stories about your weekend (/join cowdung, etc)
  • Do not argue, spam, or flame anyone in general chats or the server forums. Arguing with people in WoW is like an exercise bike: pedal as hard as you like, but you won't get anywhere. Keep well-intentioned arguments respectful at all times and preferably in whispers or private channels.
  • In groups, do not arbitrarily remove people from your group, even for guildies, or drop groups without giving a good reason. Also, don't blame (or flame) someone for being a poor player - help them, or if it's truly unbearable excuse yourself from the group or conversation. Instead of telling people how to play their characters, ask if it's ok if you can give them some suggestions.
  • Respect people's privacy, if they choose to be anonymous, let them be so. Do not bring up private or political matters in guild chat.
  • Watch your language, both in chat and on Vent. This game is shared with children and families, and we don’t want people to have to be concerned about what their family members might read or hear.
  • Racism, sexism or homophobia will not be tolerated in any circumstance (we don't know that you're joking).

2. Do not beg or make a profit off of guild members

Give and Ye Shall Receive.

  • Don't ask in guild for 10g (or 10000g) for your abilities, mounts or whatever- if someone wants to give you money they will. Just do a few quests or dailies and gold will flow in.
  • New players, do not ask to be "run-through" instances - if someone wants to do this for you they will offer themselves. Instances are meant for a group of characters at your level. You will learn more about your class if you quest or instance with people your level; you will not learn anything if a level 90 character shows up and kills everything for you. Use the Dungeon Finder to find parties.
  • If you find something someone in the guild might need (it's always good to check before you vendor or disenchant something) ask them, then send it to them if they need it or deposit it in the guild bank (see below for guidelines). They will do the same for you, so you will easily make back what you give.
  • If you can make something for the fraction of the cost of the Auction House (AH) you should provide that service to guildies at the cost of mats only. Splitting the cost of recipes and patterns is a good idea, and if it is something that the guild does not already have we may subsidize it from the guild bank.

    3. Follow Guild Loot Rules and Raid Expectations (see below)

  • Basically Pass on all BoPs (Bind on Pickups) and Greed non-epic BoEs (Bind on Equips), unless otherwise decided by your group leader. Confused? Then don't roll until you've asked someone and figured it out. Looting is an important element to the game for many people; mistakes and loot drama must be avoided. Raiding Loot rules are described below.
  • "Ninja"ing is never permissible, even if the group had it coming, they had just made fun of your mom, or whatever. This also includes stealing mining nodes/herbs/chests that someone has cleared the mobs around (unless they're horde).

4. Relax...and have fun.

  • It would be fair to say that most of us play this game to get away from stress. We would prefer to have all our members as friends, progressing in-game where and when we can, rather than immature, bitterly arguing rivals in warforged heroic gear. If you're not happy with anything in the guild, let us know. What we don't know about, we can't fix!


  • If, for any reason, there is a complaint about any guild members' behavior from within or outside the guild, it is taken seriously and will be addressed as soon as possible. Don't hesitate to contact an officer about any type harassment or issue within guild. The faster we resolve the issue the better for everyone.
  • Flagrant abuse of the above rules or common decency will be dealt with by whichever officer(s) happen to be on at the time or at the next officer meeting. First offenses MIGHT be a warning, but anything very serious or repeated will be dealt with by demotion or removal from the guild. (Sounds harsh, but if we want to keep this guild in good order there have to be some boundaries so it doesn't devolve into Trade Channel chat).

Raid Expectations

1. Sign up, or sign out.

  • Please do your best to sign up as far as possible before the raid start time. We use the in-game calendar for raid scheduling. Postings for raid nights usually go up 1-2 weeks in advance. Please don't leave this to last minute, since alternative arrangements may have to be made if too many people cannot attend. We fully understand that real life will get in the way at times, and all we ask is that you communicate that with us as best you can so we may plan our raid activities accordingly. NOTE: Raiders are required to post if they cannot attend a raid as far in advance as possible.
  • Whenever feasible, Cult of the Dead Cow will run 25-player raids as opposed to 10-player raids. We like the fun, camaraderie, and challenge of a 25-player raid, and will regularly choose that option on raid nights when we have enough people signed up to do so. However, as membership in the Cows waxes and wanes throughout the years (as all old guilds do), we will experience times where our membership numbers are too low for 25-player raids. We will run 10-player raids during these leaner times, but we will always be working towards regaining enough members to return to our 25-player roots.
  • Our weekly raid nights are currently Tuesday – Thursday – Sunday, from 8:00 to 10:30 pm server time. We will generally cancel raids that fall on major holidays where we know that many of our members will be away from their computers and celebrating with family or friends in the Real World.
  • We expect that all raiding members will save their main character’s weekly raid lockouts for the current content tier for guild raids. This includes any current world PvP zone raid instance (for example, Baradin Hold in Cataclysm days, though there isn’t one right now in Pandaria).

2. Come Prepared

This is a biggie... this includes:

  • Read up. By knowing what each boss does, what you should bring, and what your class' role is, you will save the raid from stopping to explain every pull and every boss to you. While there are many sources of this information available online, we tend to prefer strategies from Icy Veins and Fatboss. Also, we often have several videos posted on our strategy forums.
  • Gear up. In order to meaningfully contribute to a raid, one must be as well geared as possible beforehand. Everyone must constantly try to improve his or her gear as much as possible. This includes getting the best available enchants, armor/spellcloth kits, scopes, and gems you possibly can within reason. Reforge your gear to optimize it as best you can (we suggest www.askmrrobot.com for this task). It is not fair to walk into a raid unprepared and un-geared and expect to pick up loot off the backs of others. Hard work from everyone will be rewarded with more bosses down.
  • Wake up. Being focused is 90% of raiding. This means do not come to raids overly inebriated/high/tired/distracted/possessed/on fire/deceased if it can be avoided. If your reaction time is slowed because you’re drunk, stoned, or haven’t slept in two days, you’re making yourself a liability instead of an asset.
  • Bring sufficient consumables (Potions, Elixirs/Flasks, Food/Water, etc.) to last for the raid duration. You are expected to have everything you can possibly use to make yourself more effective. There aren’t cauldrons any more, so everyone in the raid should have a supply of their own flasks and potions. Even though there are still feasts and banquets, they will not always provide the optimum buff for you, so you should have your own supply of raiding food. We will supply as many buff items as we can, but if we run short on those items, it is your responsibility to have the proper items to continue with those buffs on your own.
  • If certain raid encounters require special set(s) of equipment, please collect whatever you need prior to our reaching that encounter. Everyone should be prepared with special equipment sets if they are necessary; for example, have a stamina set for survival encounters, a max damage or healing set, and any other special equipment that a particular “trick” encounter may require.
  • Repair beforehand. We should not have people asking for bots or mammoths after we wipe one or two times. We know it doesn’t take terribly long to pop a mammoth or bot and repair, but over the course of a raid it can easily add up to one or more boss attempts that we don’t get to make while we’re messing around with simple stuff that could have been taken care of beforehand.
  • Get on Ventrilo. Even if you don’t have a microphone and/or don’t want to talk, we need you to be able to listen to instructions from the raid leader.
  • Have your Mods ready and updated before you start. You should definitely have either BigWigs or Deadly Boss Mods installed. You can find helpful mods at sites such as Curse.
  • Have an Authenticator attached to your account. Even though Blizzard has gotten much faster over the last couple years at restoring hacked accounts, it can cause us to miss raiding nights if one or more of our core raiders is waiting for a character restoration. Also, it’s annoying if the hackers take a bunch of our raid supplies out of the guild bank.

3. Follow Expected Raid Behavior:

  • Be Punctual. Perhaps the most important part of a raid. Raid attendees should be at the instance on time, and invites will go out 15 mins beforehand. The scheduled start time is when the raid is supposed to begin pulls, not when you are supposed to start heading over. If you are planning on logging on just in time for a raid, log the night before in front of the instance. Sadly, Blizzard removed the guild summoning tool, so it’s no longer quite as convenient to summon you to the instance as it was in Cataclysm (especially if we don’t have a warlock that night).
  • Pay attention to the raid leader. Following instructions in a timely fashion is crucial to the success of every raid. If you think you have a better idea about how to do things, do suggest it in raid chat or a whisper, but the raid leader has final say. NOTE: Although the raid leader is giving instructions, they are not your "boss", so do not take it that way. They are simply a means to an end; an experienced and/or informed individual who makes sure the raid gets done quickly and efficiently.
  • Keep the raid informed about your status. If you must go AFK, let the raid leader know. If you have to leave soon, let them know-they can then replace you without losing raid strength for an extended period of time. If you are going to be late to the raid, let them know, this is a courtesy to all raid attendees.
  • Remain focused. Fun is paramount, but the whole raid wiping due to carelessness or inattentiveness is not fun. This might mean having a drink or two, cigarettes, snack food, a bedpan, etc. on-hand so you don’t have to run afk. The raid leaders will work breaks in, don’t worry! Basically, come to have fun, but put your game face on!
  • Keep the raid channels clear, they are for informational use only. Too much chit-chat can keep valuable information from being noticed. Only the raid leaders and essential personnel should be speaking in the raid channel. If you don’t know if you should be addressing the raid, you probably shouldn’t -- ask a raid leader.

4. Know what loot you require:

  • In order to speed up looting after a boss kill and--more importantly--to make sure we are efficiently gearing the raid, people must know before entering a raid what items would be the biggest upgrades for their class and spec.
  • Do not take items over people who would benefit much more from that drop. Considering that many items can be used by multiple classes and specs, be mindful of whether or not an item is a minor upgrade for you vs. best-in-slot for someone else, and roll accordingly.
  • Take some time at every "tier" of raid progression to map out what items are best-in-slot for your particular class and spec. This only requires a few hours and can save time for you (because you'll know what you need and how to get it - raiding, heroics, PvP, or Crafted) and those around you (since you won't be taking items that are not ideal for you). Again, the website www.askmrrobot.com is one very helpful option for figuring this out.

Raid Loot Rules

Need-before-greed, by class and by spec /rolls, with some important qualifiers.
NOTE: Each point is important, so please read them carefully.

  • Mains have priority over Alts, unless that alt is necessary for future guild progression (which is rare). Alts should only roll on gear when no one else’s main needs the item. Also, Main-specs have priority over Alt-specs. For example, a Member Holy Paladin doesn't get priority on a 2h weapon over an Initiate (or alt) Retribution Paladin or Arms Warrior.
  • Raiders and raiding Officers have priority on upgrades for main-specs and required off-specs (like dps leather for feral druids). This is to ensure consistent raiders are properly geared for future encounters. Better geared raiders means more bosses down and better loot, so this should be encouraged!
  • Members have priority over Initiates.
  • The Main Tank has priority on defensive gear.
  • If you win a /roll against other players, you should pass on future rolls for that night or instance ID until everyone else has received an item.
  • If over the course of several raids you find yourself winning over everyone else, you should consider passing to ensure a fair distribution of gear.
  • If you receive an item you needed (side-grades which would otherwise be disenchanted do not count), even without competition, you should pass on future items if there is competition. For example: if [Boots of Awesome] drop and only A needs it, A should pass when the [Belt of Hell Yeah] that B and C need drops.
  • Always be considerate of others with loot. The point of this system is to be flexible and to reward consistent Raiders, but it only works when people give consideration to others. It is not intended that people will always roll on everything, just because they can. Winning rolls on upgrades you need is a good thing, but rolling on things you do not need over people who do is extremely bad form. Some things to consider:
    If an item is a very marginal up or side-grade for you, but a very significant upgrade for another Raider (or Member, as the case may be), consider passing to them if you win the roll (note: you cannot roll in order to pass to another player, and you cannot pass to anyone but the person with next highest roll unless they agree to pass as well).
    On the other hand, if it is a minor upgrade for a Raider who's been farming the instance for weeks or months, they should take the item over someone who has only just started in that instance if they win the roll.
    Basically, the above considerations are up to the individual who wins the roll, but thinking of how the gear will most benefit the guild is highly encouraged. Abusing the priority system IS against the rules; even if you can roll for something, it doesn't always mean you should!
  • You should consider your previous and up-coming attendance before taking upgrades that others could use - the loot you win will only be useful for the guild if you are going to attend a significant number of raids in the future.
  • Common sense must prevail. We don't use a points-based raid loot system because they all in the end fail what they were designed to do: distribute loot fairly and properly. If you are coming on raids often, you have no worry about getting the loot you want, since we will be there many times in the future - if you don't get it tonight, you will get it in the future.
    Remember that if you're rolling against 5 people for the same item, there's an 80% chance you won't win the item the first time around.
  • Loot bickering or drama is totally unacceptable. Concerns over loot should be addressed in private to an officer.


  • Monkey Butlers:Banks and Alts. Provide mixed drinks and housecleaning services.

  • Friends and Family: Close family and friends of guild members interested in hanging out and not worried specifically about PvE raid progression. May apply to be a raiding member, though promotion is not guaranteed. Limited access to ithe guild bank.

  • Initiates: This is a mandatory trial period after being invited to the guild. This is to make sure that you are a good fit for the guild as a person and a player. This period lasts a minimum of two weeks; before you are promoted we expect that you have grouped with someone in the guild who can vouch that are most probably not insane. *During raids, Initiates are required to pass on all items that Members and above can use (this should only be your few raids with us). You may roll on loot that would not be used otherwise by Members. Limited access to the guild bank.

  • Members:Our prize-winning herd. All characters under level 90 and casual raiders. Moderate access to the guild bank.

  • Raiders: Our consistently raiding members. Members must demonstrate commitment, consistent attendance of 25-person raids (normally 4 weeks (12 raids) in a row while providing raid leaders with reasons for all absences), and the ability follow our Raid Expectations and perform up to required standards for their class in order to achieve the rank of Raider. Raiders have priority for raid loot and good access to the guild bank. Inactive Raiders (generally one week without an excuse, or several weeks of holiday depending on the length of time at the Raider rank) will be demoted to Member, but will rise back to Raider faster than normal (1-2 weeks, depending on length of absence). Note: This is not a guaranteed raid spot, as we may have to choose between raiders of the same raid role or make substitutions based on the encounter.

  • Officer Alts: Self-explanatory. Moderate access to the guild bank.

  • Officers: Members responsible for the health and well-being of the guild and for reinforcing our rules and expectations. Have committed themselves to improving the guild, developing its members, organizing groups and raids, recruiting new players, class mastery, game knowledge, following a positive example for the guild, loyalty, even-handedness, and transmitting important information to Members through guild chat, Vent, the website, and forums. Access to all tabs of the guild bank, and must have an authenticator associated with their account.

  • Veterans: Officers that have more access to all tabs of the guild bank, as well as guild funds for the purpose of keeping our bank stocked with items/consumables needed for our raiding core. Must have an authenticator associated with their account.

  • Guild Master: Madren. Please contact with questions or concerns that may otherwise not be dealt with by an officer.

Once a week (usually Sunday), the officers will review ranks and make any changes necessary.

Main Changes

  • Because main changes generally have a disruptive effect on raids and progression (since it essentially means a loss of a geared character), Raider main changes are discouraged wherever possible. However, we understand that after a great deal of playing one class or role, main changes may be required to prevent burnout. Main changes may occur when we have a glut of one class and a dearth of another. The rules surrounding main changes (for Members, Raiders, Officers, and up) are:
  • Your new character starts as a "new" Member, and must work up back to Raider.
  • Your old character is demoted to Alt status.
  • There is a 6-month "cooldown" on all main changes. We'd prefer that people don't change more than once a year, but this is the hard-and-fast rule.

Guild Bank

The Guild Bank is set up to help Members share particularly useful items to each other.

Please follow the following guidelines:

  • Do not deposit anything that is worth less than a gold and is readily available on the auction house. This includes common low level patterns, low level equipment, chunks of boar meat, pocket lint, Lima beans, melted ice cream, old sandwiches, gravy, churches, socks with holes in them, sludge, sludge-covered objects, or gelatinous goo. Please follow the directions on each tab and when in doubt, ask.
  • Got high level greens? Send them to an enchanter for Disenchanting. The more enchanting materials we can keep in the guild bank, the more likely it is we can help give enchants to our members when they get sweet new gear.
  • Tab one is for cloth and leather.
  • Tab two is for cooking supplies and food.
  • Tab three is for herbs.
  • Tab four is for ore, gems, and jewels.
  • Tab five is for potions and flasks.
  • Tab six is for enchants, glyphs, and other item enhancements.
  • Tab seven is for bind on equip items that we've either crafted or found in raids.
  • Tab eight is for the Officers to keep stuff we need for current raid progression.

If you wish to withdraw from the Guild Bank, please consider depositing something or similar value. If you wish to purchase plentiful materials from the guild bank (such as enchanting materials) for non-raiding purposes, please contact an officer. They will be offered at sub-AH prices, so long as availability allows.

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